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According to the CDC, each year 600,000 - 800,000 people are injured by Sharps. Sharps placed into regular trash collection are often released in compacting, creating the potential to do harm. Further, some individuals may divert used sharps from waste for illicit purposes.

As a result, the EPA has recommended using systems like the MedWaste Tracker® for safe disposal.

Syringes and Lancets Disposal

States such as California and Wisconsin have made it illegal to place consumer sharps in the public waste. Purchasing and using a MedWaste Tracker® Safe Solutions for Sharps System ensures the protection of family members, neighbors, and the community from sharps injuries. For more information on syringe disposal regulations, please visit the Coalition for Safe Needle Disposal.

The MedWaste Tracker® Safe Solutions for Sharps System, is designed to safely and securely dispose of used syringes and lancets. Each system contains and provides for containment, collection and destruction of used sharps.

All MedWaste Tracker® System containers include:
• sharps container
• postal authorized return system
• prepaid postage return
• environmental treatment and disposal
• documentation of disposal
Download our Consumer Sharps Program brochure

These systems are for consumer sharps only. Businesses should go to www.wmlamptracker.com for commercial medical waste mailback solutions.

MedWaste Tracker Safe Solutions for Sharps 1.4 Qt.

MedWaste Tracker®
Safe Solutions for Sharps 1.4 Qt. - $50.00

Each MedWaste Tracker® Safe Solutions for Sharps contains all of the components necessary to dispose of one-hundred-forty pen needles or seventy-five 1cc syringes.

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